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Cool Boxes with Wheels

Our legendary Tundra® cool box collection is famous for sturdy, almost indestructible builds, unmatchable ice retention, and game changing tech and features. Tundra® cool boxes aren’t just built for the mightiest adventurers – they’re just as brilliant cooling beers at a barbecue as they are in more extreme environments. Adding to their phenomenal versatility, we’ve elevated the cool box game even further with our first Tundra® coolers and ice boxes with wheels.

Coolers on Wheels you can take anywhere

Avid adventurers need a sturdy cool box that can handle any terrain and won’t slow them down as they embark on whatever journey the wilderness takes them on. It should be a cool box that still stands tall after a few knocks, drops and bumps, without taking any damage and without losing its most important role – keeping your food and drink cool. With that in mind, the best cool box is one that’s got a super sturdy build and a sizeable capacity – but that comes with the caveat of having to handle a heavier piece of kit.

Rather than settling for a smaller, less durable cool box that’s more manageable and easier to carry, why not go for a wheeled cool box that’s still tough and mighty, but won’t be a drag to handle? YETI wheeled cool boxes use the same sturdy construction as others in our Tundra® collection, with the added bonus of two all-terrain wheels, meaning no matter what you’re packing inside, getting around with your cool box is a total breeze.

Sturdy All-terrain Wheeled Cool Boxes

Sand, stone, grass, gravel; wherever your journey takes you, you want a cool box that can handle all terrains. With a Tundra® cool box from YETI, you’re not just getting a cooler that’s sturdy, you’re getting a cooler that’s literally grizzly resistant. That means not even a grizzly bear can do damage to our durable cool boxes. They’re waterproof, leak-proof, and ready to serve you cool food and drink no matter the weather. Rain or shine, Tundra® cool boxes get the job done.

But when you want even more versatility, the Tundra® Haul takes high performance to the next level. This performance cool box takes the toughness of the Tundra® collection and adds a set of sturdy wheels to make moving it around on any terrain a breeze. An absolute powerhouse, Permafrost™ polyurethane foam insulation keeps everything cooler for longer, while the robust construction and wheels of the Tundra® Haul means it’ll be your intrepid companion for years and years of adventure.

Wheeled Coolers for the Beach, the Outdoors or Any Situation

An ice box on wheels will serve you well whether you’re out fishing, trekking, camping, or simply at the beach for a laid-back picnic. Taking a little extra time to find the perfect picnic spot is not quite as arduous when you don’t have to lug around a heavy cooler packed with goods.

The wheels of the Tundra® Haul are designed to be just as tough as the wilds they traverse. Haul wheels are great for, and durable enough to take on rocky paths, gravel trails, and splintered marine docks. Sure, you may experience difficulty in rolling over or through sand and other softer terrains, but no matter what you’re probably better off having an extra-large cool box with wheels than one without.

Free UK Wheeled Cool Box Shipping

To make your ice box on wheels all the more convenient, we’re stoked to offer free standard shipping on any order over £40, anywhere in mainland UK. We want to get you your YETI as soon as possible, and we make every effort to process your order quickly so you can put your Tundra® wheeled cool box to good use sooner. We’ll bring it right up to your doorstep at no extra cost. If your adventure is nearing, we’ve also got next day UK delivery available at a super low cost.