Crossroads Packing Cubes

  • What Situations Are Best For This Bag?

    These are great to tuck in your backpack or luggage for keeping miscellaneous gear and clothing organised and accessible.

  • What Is Each Size Bag Best For?

    The small is ideal for organising cords and cables, or small clothing items. Medium is helpful for toiletries, base layers, or lightweight apparel. Large can keep pants or tops organised.

  • Are They Easy To Clean?

    Yes, turn them inside out and zip them up. Wash them with normal laundry, dry on low heat.

  • Are These Bags Waterproof?

    No. They are a simple zippered bag with a small mesh portion. Looking for a small waterproof bag for organizing on the move? Check out our SideKick Dry® Gear Case.

  • Is There A Warranty?

    It comes with a 3-year warranty. See more details on Warranty Information.