Complete your LoadOut® 5 Gallon Bucket
  • YETI LoadOut® Bucket Utility Gear Belt Black
    LoadOut® Bucket Utility Gear Belt
  • YETI LoadOut® Bucket Caddy Black
    LoadOut® Bucket Caddy

People Are Asking

  • What Can I Use It For?

    Consider this your five-gallon bucket addition to the marina, ranch, hunting blind, or wherever else rugged storage and utility is a necessity.

  • How Tough Is This Bucket?

    The LoadOut® Bucket’s walls are twice as thick as conventional buckets and are made of rigid HDPE plastic. They’re built to not bow, break down, or crack, even with impact.

  • Is The Loadout® Bucket A Cooler?

    No. The bucket is not insulated and will not keep your food or drinks cold. But it is food-safe if you want to brine a turkey, lug some apples, or get the home brew going.

  • Is It Food Safe?

    Yep. It’s great at a crawfish boil, for brining a turkey, and for getting the homebrew beer going. While the bucket is not insulated, it sits perfectly in our YETI TANK® 45 Ice Bucket.

  • Do They Stack?

    Yep, and unlike other buckets, condensation and pressure will never build up between buckets when stacked, which means they’ll always separate easily.

  • Does It Have UV Protection?

    Sure does. UV protection is part of the bucket’s construction. This adds a great deal of long-term durability to the product.

  • How Do I Clean My Loadout® Bucket?

    Just soap and warm water. Nothing fancy required.

  • Are There Accessories?

    There are many ways to kit out your bucket. Check out the Watertight Lid, Caddy, Utility Gear Belt, and Tie-Down Kit.

  • Is There A Warranty On The Loadout® Bucket?

    The YETI LoadOut® Bucket comes with a five-year warranty. For more information, please visit our Warranty Information page.

Measurements & Specs
External Dimensions 32.7W x 40.3D x 26.0H cm
Empty Weight 2.6 kg