People Are Asking

  • What Does Submersible Mean?

    This bag is airtight — no air or water gets in or out when properly closed. Extensive testing, RF-Welded Seams, and our HydroLok™ Zipper work together for reliability in any conditions.

  • How Do I Ensure It's Properly Closed?

    Close the zipper completely and apply pressure. Listen for any air that might have broken the seal. If you hear or notice any air leaks, make sure zipper is fully closed and then test again.

  • How Tough Are These Bags?

    The ThickSkin™ Shell material, EVA molded bottom, MetalLock™ Hardware, reinforced QuickGrab™ Lash Points, and HydroLok™ Zipper are all extensively tested and proven to be highly durable.

  • Is The Dry Pack A Cooler?

    The Panga® Duffel is not a cooler, it's a gear bag that will keep your gear dry and protected for any expedition. If you need a large cooler bag, check out our Hopper® M30 Soft Cooler.

  • What Should I Pack In My Dry Bag Duffle?

    Anything you want to keep dry and away from the elements. We use it for waders, clean clothes, decoys, ammunition, jackets, fly rods, and any other gear we want to stash when we’re off the grid.

  • How Do I Care For My Dry Duffle?

    A mixture of dish soap and water will do the trick. Rinse with fresh water, thoroughly wipe the inside dry, and apply zipper lubricant. When dry, store your Panga® Bag in the fully closed position.

  • Can I Use It As A Carry On?

    Yes, but always check with your airline before traveling. If you want a backpack with suitcase capabilities, check out our Crossroads® Collection.

  • What Is The Dry Bag's Empty Weight?

    The empty weight of the backpack is 3.9 lbs.

  • Is There A Warranty?

    Yes, Panga® Dry Bags come with a three-year warranty. For more information, please visit our Warranty Information page.

Measurements & Specs
External Dimensions 17.8W x 50.1D x 31.8H cm
Empty Weight 1.8 kg