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  • Will It Fit In My Cupholders?

    Our Rambler® 18 oz Water Bottle is compatible with most cupholder sizes. You may find some of our other bottles to be too big for most cupholders. Check out our Tumblers for cupholder-compatible options.

  • Is It Dishwasher Safe?

    Yes. We recommend caps on the top rack, and gaskets and straw in the utensil basket. Of course, you can always hand wash, but we know you’re busy on your next adventure.

  • Can I Use The Water Bottle For Hot And Cold Drinks?

    Do not use this Rambler® Bottle Straw Cap with hot beverages. We suggest swapping the Straw Cap for our HotShot™ Cap or Cup Cap if you plan to pair this bottle with hot beverages. Do not use this bottle with carbonated beverages or for storage of food or perishables. Please see our FAQ page for more information about using Rambler® Bottles with hot drinks.

  • Are The Caps Interchangeable?

    Yes, all Rambler® Bottle Caps fit each bottle, making these reusable water bottles even more versatile.

  • Are Rambler® Products BPA Free?

    Yes. All YETI® Drinkware is BPA free.

  • Is There A Warranty On My Yeti® Drinkware?

    Rambler® Drinkware comes with a five-year warranty. For more information, please visit our Warranty Information page.

Measurements & Specs
External Dimensions

7.6W x 25.8H cm

Empty Weight

0.6 kg


18 fl oz Imp.