YETI Rambler® French Press 64 oz White
Complete your Rambler® 34 oz Twist-To-Lock French Press Lid
  • YETI Rambler® French Press 34 oz Navy
    Rambler® 34 oz French Press

People Are Asking

  • How Does The Rambler® French Press Compare To Other French Press Products On The Market?

    The YETI Rambler® French Press leads with durability and thermal performance offering double-wall vacuum insulation. However, when brewing coffee in other French Presses, users immediately have to pour out their contents after plunging to avoid creating bitter coffee. We’ve engineered our GroundsControl Filter which stops the brewing process after plunging, allowing the consumer to keep their coffee hot in their YETI French Press vessel without over-extracting their coffee.

  • Is The Rambler® French Press Insulated?

    Yes, like all Rambler® Drinkware Vessels, the French Press is double-wall vacuum insulated to keep your coffee hot until your next pour.

  • Can The French Press Be Used As A Pitcher?

    Yes, the vessel of the Rambler® French Press can be used as a Pitcher without the French Press Lid. We also have a Twist-to-Lock MagSlider™ Pitcher Lid available for purchase

  • Can The French Press Be Used To Brew Tea?

    Yes, the Rambler® French Press can be used to brew both coffee and tea.

  • How Many Cups Does The French Press Make?

    The 34 oz. can brew 2-4 cups and the 64 oz. can brew 6+ cups