People Are Asking

  • Why Don't They Keep My Coffee Hot As Well As Your Other Drinkware?

    With small capacity formats there is less stainless and vacuum insulation power, thus naturally will not perform as well thermally as our other larger formats. If you’re not consuming quickly and want to maximize heat retention consider purchasing a small MagSlider™ Lid for the 6 oz. mugs.

  • Why Are The 4 Oz. Cups And 6 Oz. Cups Ceramic-Lined And Not The 8 Oz. Tumbler?

    The 4 oz. cups and 6 oz. mugs will almost exclusively be used with highly acidic beverages like espresso and coffee. The 8 oz. tumbler naturally has more beverage versatility and comes standard with a MagSlider™ Lid for on-the-go transport.

  • Why Are The 4 Oz And 6 Oz Mugs Only Available In Two-Packs?

    Just like adventures, coffee is meant to be shared. If you're outfitting your mobile coffee bar, it’s best to load up so you have enough—and it also comes in handy to have a backup if one’s dirty.

Measurements & Specs
External Dimensions 6.6W X 6.9H CM
Empty Weight 0.1 kg
YETI Rambler® 4 oz (118 ml) Stackable Cups Navy